Nissan & E.On launch V2G project in the UK

Nissan and E.On have installed and successfully deployed 20 Vehicle-to-Grid chargers at Nissan’s European Technical Center in Cranfield, England. Now the two partners are looking for other companies that want to use V2G chargers.

The installation in Cranfield is part of a project sponsored by the British government. The project aims to test and demonstrate how V2G technology can generate additional revenue for the participating companies and support the power grid in fleet vehicles.

Having validated the system at Nissan’s Cranfield site, the project is now recruiting more participants for the test and plans to deploy V2G chargers in companies across the UK. The V2G package is subsidised for the participants in the study via Innovate UK.

“This is about commercialising a vehicle’s bi-directional charging capabilities, with clear advantages for businesses either already with a fleet of electric vehicles or those that are ready to make the transition to electric,” says Luke Ellis, V2G Programme Manager at E.On UK. “Now that we’ve proven the technology’s capabilities with these 20 installs, we’re a step closer to bringing it to market”.

The Nissan Leaf and the e-transporter e-NV200 are V2G-capable, as has already been demonstrated in Hagen, among other places. If the vehicles are connected to an appropriate charging station, not only can the battery be charged, but if there is a high demand for electricity, energy can also flow from the battery back into the grid – thus relieving the strain on the power grid.,,


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