Aug 12, 2020 - 01:43 pm

LEVC developing conversion for VN5 utility van

The London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC) is developing a conversion programme for its VN5 van. This involves various superstructures with which the plug-in hybrid electric van with a range extender can be adapted for different industries.

LEVC already has a small fleet of converted TX vehicles in use, which are being tested as VN5 “prototypes” by partners such as DPD, Royal Mail and Octopus Energy to demonstrate the suitability of the electric transporter for various working environments.

Last month LEVC presented a series version of the VN5 plug-in hybrid with range extender. Battery-powered, the van will be able to travel 93 kilometres, while the range extender, which LEVC calls eCity, will increase the total range to 482 kilometres. A 50 kW charger will be able to fully charge the 31 kWh battery in 30 minutes. The AC charging capacity is 11 kW ex-works.

The VN5 offers up to 5.5 cubic metres of charging space and a payload of up to 830 kilograms ex-works. In some industries, however, the working environment requires a different vehicle design than the largest possible cargo space. That is why the Geely subsidiary says it is working with retrofitters to create authorised conversions for various industries, including utilities, parcel services, facility management, refrigerated deliveries and emergency services before the VN5 is launched in the fourth quarter of this year.

LEVC says that in order to maintain high payload and durability, the conversions will be made in “advanced, high-strength lightweight materials”. The converters will work directly with the LEVC design and construction team at Ansty headquarters. LEVC plans to publish further details of the superstructures for the VN5 later this year.

LEVC is also announcing a number of accessories for which the company says it is working directly with suppliers. For example, there will be a roof rack, various safety equipment and various options for vehicle labelling.

The VN5 can now be ordered at prices starting at the equivalent of around 52,000 euros. Right-hand drive vehicles are scheduled for delivery at the end of 2020, left-hand drive vehicles are planned for March 2021.


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