Solaris scores home run with follow-up e-bus order by PKM


Solaris scores another electric bus order from Poland. Public transport operator PKM in the city of Sosnowiec has ordered nine electric solo buses and five articulated e-buses in the Urbino range. The contract includes charging infrastructure.

The relation between Przedsiębiorstwo Komunikacji Miejskiej (PKM) and Solaris goes back twenty years, however, it’s been two years since the Polish bus manufacturer delivered three electric buses to Sosnowiec for the first time. The new order values more than 46 million Polish Zloty, equivalent to about eleven million euros.

In addition to the 14 electric buses, the order includes eleven chargers, three rapid chargers for intermediate charging with pantographs with 250 and 190 kW respectively, and eight stations for overnight charging in the depot with 80 kW each. According to the contract, the order is to be completed by July/August 2021.

PKM has ordered the solo buses in the configuration with 160 kW power and four battery packs with a cumulative capacity of 300 kWh, as well as the articulated buses with 240 kW power and six battery packs with 470 kWh. While the Urbino 12 electric can carry up to 86 passengers, the Urbino 18 electric accommodates up to 130 passengers.

Solaris is riding on tailwinds in Poland as orders on its home market accumulate. Operator PKM also runs Solaris e-buses in Katowice as well as in Silesia. They are set for delivery in Q2/2021 as reported.

Also, MPK Poznań in the city of the same name has ordered 37 electric buses, which are to be delivered in the second half of 2021. These will complement another 21 e-buses ordered in 2018.

MPK is also active in Krakow and expects Solaris to deliver 50 articulated e-buses before the year’s end reportedly.



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