VW supplies ID.3’s to European dealerships

VW is preparing for the start of delivery of the ID.3 to pre-orderers. The Volkswagen Group is currently delivering more and more copies of the electric car to dealers in Europe so that the vehicles can be handed over to the customers in September.

While ID.3 electric cars were repeatedly seen on the roads in double packs in recent weeks, these vehicles were on the road as part of dealer training. Now, sightings of entire trucks full of ID.3 are becoming increasingly common. Throughout Europe, Volkswagen is preparing to start deliveries to the “first movers”, as the Volkswagen called the pre-orderers at the company’s marketing speech.

Marketing and Sales Director Jürgen Stackmann has shared several photos and videos on Twitter over the past few days, showing how the vehicles built in Zwickau are being delivered to dealers throughout Europe. At the end of August, a ship with more than 700 ID.3 1STs docked in Norway.

At present, the e-Golf is the best-selling Volkswagen model in Norway. But to be at the top of the Norwegian registration statistics in September, VW will probably need more than one full shipment of ID.3 electric cars: In August, the best-selling model, the Audi e-tron, marked up 755 units sold. In addition, September is the last month of the third quarter and, as is well known, Tesla’s deliveries increase strongly towards the end of the quarter. It will be interesting!

Also in Sweden, the first ID.3 is already being prepared for the dealers and deliveries to customers. On 1 September, a ship docked in the port of Södertälje near Stockholm.

In addition to left-hand drive vehicles for the Scandinavian markets, Volkswagen already supplies right-hand drive vehicles. A picture from the United Kingdom and photographs from the port of Dublin in Ireland show the first right-hand drive vehicles.

While most of the transports shown so far have been by ship, the vehicles in Germany are delivered by road. Up to eight ID.3 per truck are currently being brought to the dealers so that customers can take delivery of their vehicles in September.

With reporting by Sebastian Schaal, Germany.


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