DPD to decarbonise operations across Europe

DPD has just announced that by 2025 it will be using zero-emission and low-emission delivery vehicles in 225 of Europe’s largest cities. The parcel service includes electric vans as well as small electric vehicles and cargo bikes.

In order to achieve the above-mentioned goal, DPD plans to procure 7,000 vehicles, install 3,600 charging stations and set up 80 new municipal depots. In addition to electric delivery vans such as the MAN eTGE, the VW e-Crafter and the Nissan e-NV200, and also natural gas vehicles, the parcel service provider will also rely on smaller electric vehicles such as Tripl and Paxster as well as cargo-bikes on the last mile. Group CEO Boris Winkelmann speaks of an investment volume of 200 million euros by 2025 and the goal “to be the most sustainable delivery company in Europe”.

DPD has already been testing the best approach to electrifying parcel deliveries for several years on a selective basis, for example in London, Hamburg, Warsaw and Dublin. In Britain alone, DPD has now electrified ten per cent of its UK fleet through the deployment of 700 electric vehicles.

This experience has now given rise to the strategy of working with mixed fleets and small and urban depots on the last mile. DPD says that the new lower and zero-emission fleets will be comprised of different kinds of vehicles depending on the respective city centre, delivery requirements and legal constraints. The mentioned electric vehicles and natural gas vehicles will be used along with cargo bikes and bicycles as well as deliveries made by foot and with trolleys.

Eighty new micro and urban depots will be established, which should enable the optimisation delivery processes, the adaptation of local operations and customer proximity. These depots will be set up in the main city centres such as Basel, Barcelona, Berlin, Budapest, Munich, Marseille, Prague and Warsaw, thus complementing the current network of 130 municipal depots in cities such as Dublin, London, Madrid, Paris and Rotterdam.

The DPD Group’s fundamental objective is to reduce CO2 emissions over the last mile in the targeted cities by 89 per cent compared to 2020 and pollutant emissions by 80 per cent. “Our long-term objective is to build on this first ambitious plan of deploying zero- and low- emission delivery solutions in the 225 largest cities of Europe in order to become fully CO2-free in our last mile activities within the next 20 years,” concludes Boris Winkelmann.



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