Oct 8, 2020 - 03:34 pm

Seat begins building battery lab in Spain

Seat has begun building a battery laboratory at its plant in Martorell, Spain. With an investment of more than seven million euros, the new centre will develop and test various battery systems for electric and hybrid vehicles.

Construction of the new building is scheduled to be completed in April 2021, and The site will then offer an area of around 1,500 square meters for the Spanish Volkswagen subsidiary to test their electrified vehicles.

Seat also sees the investment in the new Test Center Energy (TCE) as confirmation of its electrification plans. The battery laboratory will be located at Seat’s main Martorell plant near Barcelona. Seat says that the centre’s test capacity is 1.3 MW.

Developers in the laboratories will be able to test and evaluate all the electric components of electric vehicles. This means battery cells and modules, medium and high voltage batteries and various chargers, according to the company. There are also plans for several climate chambers in which high-voltage battery units can be tested under extreme climatic conditions. In addition to the laboratories, Seat will install a workshop equipped for electric vehicles, where technicians will be able to work on up to six vehicles at the same time.

According to Seat, it has been working on low, medium and high-voltage batteries in a laboratory since 2010. The new TCE is also to be attached to this unit. Over the past ten years, Seat plans to have carried out more than 2,000 test cases there for national and international research projects.

“SEAT has been committed to the electrification of the company for years, and the construction of this unique new Test Center Energy in Spain is a firm step in this direction,” says Seat’s head of development Werner Tietz. “This new battery lab will enable us to develop the energy systems of future hybrid and electric vehicles, thus contributing to the creation of sustainable electromobility”.



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