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Tesla starts exporting Chinese Model 3 units


Tesla has now apparently started to export Model 3 produced in China to Europe – a first order from France already contains the reference ‘Model 3 – China’. In addition, not only the Model 3 is to receive additional range, but also the Model S and Model X.

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First to the import of the Model 3 from the Gigafactory 3 near Shanghai: In September, reports appeared for the first time that Tesla could also sell the vehicles built in China in Europe – something the company had excluded when it opened the Gigafactory 3.

For the Standard Range Plus version, the “expected delivery” was recently postponed to February 2021 – so no more examples of the entry-level model are expected in Europe this quarter. One probable reason is the switch to importing from China instead of the USA. The invoice from a French customer for a Model 3 SR+ already contains the note ‘Model 3 – China’, and the vehicle number should also contain a ‘C’ as a note for China. This is refers to a vehicle from before the update.

According to the German Tesla configurator, the four-wheel drive versions with larger batteries are scheduled for delivery in November. It is not known whether these are still from Fremont or already from Shanghai. However, there are some indications that for the time being only the ‘SR+’ model is concerned.

For example, Tesla has confirmed – unusual for the company – that the “Long Range” version of Model 3 will in future have the heat pump long suspected. However, this change is not mentioned for the “SR+” model. Nevertheless, the range of the SR+ has been increased by 21 kilometers during the revision. Due to the lower total range (430 instead of 580 kilometers), the percentage range increase is even higher than for the Long Range with heat pump. It is therefore obvious that the range increase for the entry-level model must have other reasons – for example the new LFP battery from CATL, which is now installed in the “SR+” models in China. The “cobalt-free lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries, […] have allowed Tesla to reduce the cost of its affordable sedan in Asia”, writes Teslarati.


However, it is also possible that part of the increase in reach is due to improved software. For example, the official range figures for the Model S and Model X have now also increased. The Model S with maximum range is now at 652 kilometres, the performance version at 639 instead of 593 kilometres. For the Model X the range is now 561 kilometres (maximum range) and 548 kilometres (performance). According to Teslamag, it was initially left open whether Tesla would install new hardware in the two large models. Last week we reported on the renewed price reduction for the Model S – probably in response to the Lucid Air.

Tesla drops return policy in the USA

In the USA, Tesla has apparently deleted the option to return the product after seven days. In Germany, on the other hand, the passage on the right of return can still be seen in the Tesla order. Electrek had first reported and speculated whether the quality problems with Model Y would have led to increased use of the return policy. However, there was also speculation that the change was related to the Model 3 update – Tesla wanted to prevent customers from returning their recently delivered Model 3 to receive one of the revised copies in a few weeks.

Tesla had introduced the seven-day return policy as a quality promise. Anyone who is not satisfied with their car within this period of time can return it (up to 1,000 miles driven) and will receive a full refund. The report also asserts that it is strange that this policy, which was intended to show how much customers will like their new car, was cancelled without any announcement of a replacement.

If Tesla were to cancel the return rule after seven days in Europe as well, this would have hardly any effect on customers, as the EU 14-day right of withdrawal applies to goods ordered online anyway after taking possession of the goods.

Update 20 October 2020: Tesla has now confirmed on their WeChat account that the shipments of the Model 3 for ten European countries will start in a few days. Germany, France, Italy and Switzerland are mentioned specifically. Apparently the cars are exclusively the Standard Range Plus version and have cobalt-free LFP cells although, the latter information is based only on data from the Tesla community and not from official sources.

With reporting by Sebastian Schaal, Germany.

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