Hamburg: VHH manages e-bus fleet across 11 depots


The city of Hamburg is becoming a beacon of bus electrification. The Senate decided to make electric bus purchasing compulsory this year and the growing number of e-buses changes the depots. Operator VHH has therefore turned to PSI Transcom to implement PSIeBus.

PSIebus would “optimise the disposition of vehicles across all depots, according to PSI Transcom. In the case of Verkehrsbetriebe Hamburg-Holstein GmbH (VHH) there are no less than eleven depots where e-buses may arrive and deploy.

The public transport operator is the second-largest in the region and says it was procuring only zero-emission buses for innercity routes since the beginning of the year. The ongoing changeover to electric buses at VHH requires their systems to control all charging processes via an interface and to optimise varying energy consumption across depots.

PSIeBus comprises modules for vehicle dispatching, reservation and detection as well as interfaces to subsystems. These also include the urban platform of the city of Hamburg and said the charging management system applied by VHH.

The system works to ensure optimal utilisation of garage capacity, planning and monitoring of fueling and cleaning intervals, and the minimisation of vehicle downtimes. Dispatching then takes into account various parking plans as well as a variety of restrictions and detects the vehicles as they pass through to the different depot areas.

VHH belongs to the Hamburger Verkehrsverbund (Hamburg Transport Association) and operates city and regional bus routes in the city and offers transportation service in the surrounding areas. Around 700 busses serve approx. 1,800 stops on 153 routes. Since the company is buying electric-only, VHH has purchased e-buses from Daimler as well as MAN. The company’s biggest competitor is Hamburger Hochbahn, that recently ordered 530 zero-emission buses.

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