Kia UK partners with BP Chargemaster & Pod Point


Kia Motors UK has teamed up with both BP Chargemaster and Pod Point to offer electric car drivers preferential terms for the provision of a home charge point. Kia says home charging would cost less than £3 depending on tariffs.

The Pod Point partnership offers reduced costs for installation of a home charge point. The price for the 7kW charger comes down to £509 taking into account the £350 Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) grant.

The equivalent BP Chargemaster point costs £549, a £60 discount versus the regular price. Customers opting to go through BP, also receive two-year free access to the Polar Plus network, when buying a new electric car. The Polar Plus subscription usually costs £188 over two years and allows access to free or discounted charging at about 7,000 charge points across the United Kingdom.

Also, at Pod Point, users can use the app to monitor their home charging and access over 3,700 public charging bays without membership fees or a subscription.

The low price that Kia mentions depends on electricity tariff. Here the company points to “energy companies introducing energy tariffs tailored specifically to electric car owners” and off-peak rates. These could be as low as £0.047 says Kia so that a Soul EV can be fully charged for as little as £3.


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