Nov 26, 2020 - 01:51 pm

Tesla planning to manufacture chargers in China

Tesla appears to be planning a production facility for chargers near its car factory in Shanghai. Over in Europe, the prices for the Model S and Model X have been increased, while in the USA the Model X and some Model Y will have to go to the workshop for a recall.

In China, documents that Tesla submitted to authorities in Shanghai were made available to Reuters news agency. These reveal that the company is planning to manufacture up to 10,000 charging stations per year in Shanghai. Currently, Tesla charging stations sold in China are imported from the USA. The 42 million yuan (5.36 million euros) factory is apparently already scheduled for completion in February 2021.

What is not yet clear is exactly which chargers will be built at the new Shanghai plant. Reuters writes that the chargers imported so far are “normally installed in charging stations or parking garages”. A formulation that leaves room for manoeuvre: This could only concern the DC rapid chargers for supercharger stations since these are also sometimes installed in parking garages. However, it is also possible that Tesla will also manufacture the AC wall box Wall Connector there for destination chargers for private customers. Most US media outlets seem to be assuming that the chargers manufactured in Shanghai will primarily be superchargers, though of course, it could also be both.

The expansion of the charging network in China is just as important for Tesla as the expansion of its production capacities. This year was the first full year with an initial ramp-up phase in the spring where over 150,000 Model 3s were built at Giga-Shanghai. In the coming year, more than 300,000 Model 3 will be built for China and export markets, and 250,000 Model Y will be built in the extension building.

Meanwhile over in Europe, after several price reductions, the prices for the Model S and Model X have been increased by 5,000 euros. Since October, the Model S Long Range has cost 76,990 euros. The model is now offered as Maximum Range Plus, but has recently been priced at a minimum of 81,990 euros. The performance version has also become 5,000 euros more expensive and is now available in the configurator at 98,990 euros. The plaid model (available from the end of 2021) will still cost 139,990 euros. The two versions of the Model X also became more expensive and now cost 90,990 euro and 107,990 euro respectively.

Even after the current increase, both vehicles will still cost less than at the beginning of 2020. Tesla lowered the prices for both series in May, July and October. The reasons for the price increase are entirely unclear. It is possible that Tesla will change the equipment scope. Since vehicles ordered now will be delivered in March 2021 at the earliest, a change is quite possible. This being said, the configurator does not yet contain any new features, which does not necessarily mean anything at Tesla.

Over in the USA, Tesla is suffering two recalls: 9,136 Model Xs have to go to the workshop because covers of the glass roof may come loose, while another 437 Model Y have to be taken to Service Centers. The problem with the Model Y is that the screws connecting the upper wishbone and the steering knuckle may not be tightened to specification and have to be checked.

With reporting by Sebastian Schaal.,, (all three China), (price increase),, (both Model X),, (both Model Y)


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