Dec 10, 2020 - 03:47 pm

Iberdrola & BNP Paribas to offer eMobility package in Spain

Energy provider Iberdrola and bank BNP Paribas are putting together an entry-level eMobility package for Spanish private and business customers, and also plan to launch financing solutions for Iberdrola customers in other European countries such as Portugal, Italy and France.

The “all-inclusive” offer in Spain combines electric vehicle rental through Arval, charging stations installed by Iberdrola and financed through BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions, and charging power allotments for home or business use and at public stations. The partners are particularly targeting delivery fleet operators who transport goods ordered online over the last mile.

The cooperation also envisages Iberdrola installing chargers at BNP Paribas Group offices. In addition, both partners aim to attract the main operators of real estate and shopping centres in the country to charging infrastructure projects. Finally, the agreement also includes the development and launch of financing solutions for Iberdrola customers in other European countries – and in countries where the BNP Paribas Group and the energy company operate, including Portugal, Italy and France.

“The agreement shows the ambition of both groups to continue promoting transport electrification and confirms the need to continue collaborating with all agents in the sector to respond to the challenges of mobility based on clean energy with no CO2 emissions,” says Raquel Blanco, Iberdrola’s Global Director of Smart Mobility.

Alberto Sarricolea, Head of Corporate Banking at BNP Paribas in Spain, adds that they bring their rental, leasing, real estate and consumer credit capabilities to the cooperation. “This agreement also fits perfectly with BNP Paribas’ ambitions in terms of sustainability,” he says.

The charging stations installed by Iberdrola under the agreement will be available on the ‘Recarga Pública Iberdrola’ app. The Spanish utility is known to have ambitious charging infrastructure plans. In the spring, the group announced plans to invest 150 million euros over the next five years to install 150,000 charging points in homes, businesses, cities, and along highways and interurban roads. The roadmap also includes the installation of charging stations in Portugal, Italy and the UK. However, the bulk of the electric car chargers are to be built in Spain.

Prior to the current cooperation agreement, Iberdrola has already entered into a number of partnerships in the mobility market with a view to its ambitious plans. For example, the utility plans to build 35 HPC parks in Spain for Porsche and supply, install and provide green electricity to charging stations for all private and commercial buyers of the EQ models in Spain on behalf of Mercedes-Benz. In parallel, the company is driving forward the equipping of service stations with charging points as part of agreements with Avia, Ballenoil and Valcarcel. Other projects exist with companies such as Ikea, McDonald’s, Telefonica, REE and Auchán. Iberdrola will also develop e-mobility services for Renault and Ferrovial’s Zity electric car-sharing service. Finally, this year the company opened a charging park at the IFEMA trade fair site in Madrid. A total of 34 electric cars can charge simultaneously there.


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