Nissan & Enel team up for special tariff in Italy


Buyers of the Nissan Leaf in Italy benefit from a new package which Nissan, Enel Energia and Enel X have put together. Called E-ASY ELECTRIC, it includes 480 kWh of free charging at more than 12,000 Enel X charging stations via the JuicePass app.

Nissan estimates the free charge translates to about 2,800 km of electric driving. There is also a bonus of up to 240 euros on the electricity bill for those in the SPECIALE LUCE 240 tariff from Enel Energia. E-ASY ELECTRIC users can also opt for buying the new JuiceBox from Enel X at a lower price. This then again increases the electricity bill’s bonus to up to 360 euros in connection with the SPECIALE LUCE 360 tariff.

“We are very pleased with this collaboration with Enel Energia and Nissan, which has led to the creation of E-ASY ELECTRIC, an innovative initiative that combines e-mobility and energy supply solutions,” said Augusto Raggi, Head of Enel X Italy.

The coupon for E-ASY ELECTRIC is redeemable immediately and valid for two years from the moment of activation.


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