Onto expands EV subscription fleet once more


British EV subscription service Onto continues on building the fleet as the company adds Hyundai electric cars to the fleet. They join a base of electric vehicles from PSA but also Tesla, BMW and Jaguar.

The most recent order includes 275 electric cars from Hyundai and comprises 150 Kona Electric with 64-kWh-batteries and 125 Ioniq Electric with 38 kWh on board. Through the direct supply agreement, Hyundai says Onto customers can take delivery within 72 hours.

The statement also praises Onto as the UK’s largest rental EV fleet. Indeed, on our count, the Onto service now includes about 2,000 electric cars for subscribers to rent from £399 a month. Previous large purchases just last year included over a thousand Zoe electric cars as reported and 600 EVs from PSA brands, namely the Peugeot e-208 and DS 3 Crossback E-Tense.

For a monthly fee, Onto provides the car, insurance, breakdown service, maintenance and even charging. Different from a lease, the subscription can be cancelled or changed every month. Prices range from said £399 for a small Zoe over £1,299 per month for the top of the range Jaguar I-Pace. A Tesla Model 3 long-range costs £999. Drivers opting for the new Hyundai Kona pay £559 per month, and all subscriptions include free charging for 1,000 miles of range. Partners like the Shell Recharge network mean drivers can also use the otherwise pricey Ionity high power chargers. Any booking evokes a delivery fee of £49.50.

Ashley Andrew, Managing Director of Hyundai UK, hopes that the Onto subscription model “provides customers with a short-term opportunity to experience living with an EV which is the best way to showcase the long-term benefits of the technology.”

The Onto website also shows a new business service open for registering interest. Our request for more information awaits a reply. We also want to hear whether users are really swapping the cars around or rent short-term and will update you accordingly.

The service is exclusive to the UK so far.



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