Proterra to supply batteries for the Volta Zero

Volta Trucks has appointed Proterra as battery supplier for the Volta Zero electric truck. The Proterra batteries will help the all-electric 16-tonne truck, which is designed for inner-city freight transport, to achieve a real-world range of up to 200 kilometres.

The deal with the Swedish start-up Volta Trucks also means Proterra’s entry into the European truck market. Volta Trucks wants to start testing its Volta Zero electric truck with customers in the course of this year and start series production around twelve months later. Shortly after the start of production, “tens of thousands” of the Volta Zero are already expected to hit the roads.

According to Volta, the range of 200 kilometres is “more than enough for most inner city logistics and distribution vehicles which spend most of their operating time in slow-moving start / stop traffic”. With its “industry-leading” energy density, the Proterra battery in the Zero can be installed inside the frame, which should increase safety.

Nevertheless, Volta CEO Rob Fowler states that in discussions with customers, it is becoming clear that the vehicle’s range is the most important factor in their minds. “It was therefore imperative that we work with an industry-leader to ensure the quality, longevity, and safe performance of the battery,” Fowler says.

“Embracing clean, quiet transportation for all not only benefits how we move people around cities and towns, but also how we provide goods and services to the communities we live in,” says Proterra CEO Jack Allen. In addition to its batteries, Proterra is also known for its electric buses, which are also only sold in North America.

Volta Trucks also states that this “significant order” to Proterra completes its “strategic electric powertrain procurement”. At the beginning of February, it was announced that the US vehicle supplier Meritor will supply the electric drive to Volta Trucks. The 14Xe electric drive train is to be manufactured at Meritor’s plants in Asheville and Forest City in the US state of North Carolina starting in the summer and is expected to score among other things with a relatively low weight of 800 pounds (about 363 kilograms). The drive system can be adapted with different axles, brakes, transmissions and differentials to suit the purpose of the vehicle – in the case of Volta, the urban delivery and distribution of goods.

Because of its urban-focused use, the top speed of the e-truck is to be limited to a value between 80 and 90 kph. The payload of the 9.46-metre-long Zero is to be 8.6 tonnes. The drive power of the 16-tonne truck has not yet been named. The 14XE from Meritor is available in different versions with a continuous output of between 150 and 200 kW.


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