BYD-ADL presents short version of their electric double-decker bus

BYD and its British partner ADL have announced a half-metre shorter version of their all-electric Enviro400EV double-decker bus. With its more compact wheelbase, the 10.3-metre-long model increases the manoeuvrability of the e-double-decker.

Over 450 of the standard 10.8 metre model have been sold to operators in London and other UK cities to date. From the second half of 2021, a demonstrator of the new variant will be available for operators to test on their routes.

With better manoeuvrability, the model is expected to be able to negotiate tight curves in city centres. This should enable public transport operators to use the model with its high passenger capacity on routes where the 10.8-metre-long bus has had problems so far, according to the manufacturer’s thinking. For example, “demanding inner-city routes such as those in London” are mentioned.

To achieve this, not only the vehicle itself was shortened by half a metre, but also the wheelbase. The shortened model still has 5.4 metres between the axles. According to the manufacturer, BYD’s development team in Great Britain worked closely with ADL’s body engineers to achieve this. The release states that the placement of the batteries has been changed “to allow for optimal weight distribution, but also to provide enough power for a full day”. However, BYD does not give details of how the batteries have been adapted.

There is no further technical data on the shortened Envrio400EV, nor is there an exact model name for the “short version”. Launched in 2019, the Enviro400EV is 4.3 metres high and 2.55 metres wide. The standard model has 24 seats on the lower level and 43 seats on the upper deck. BYD does not specify whether a row of seats will be omitted in the shortened model.

The Enviro400EV is powered by wheel hub motors. The lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries have an energy content of up to 382 kWh, which should allow a range of 250 kilometres. These data refer to the 10.8-metre-long standard model; BYD has not mentioned any possible deviating data for the short version.


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