Tier Mobility develops greener batteries with Northvolt

Micromobility provider Tier and battery manufacturer Northvolt have formed a partnership. The aim is to improve the sustainability of electric scooter batteries and their raw material requirements, as well as improving sustainability by means of battery swapping stations and recycling.

In an initial pilot project, 5,000 Tier Mobility scooters will be equipped with batteries from Northvolt by the end of this year. The batteries will then be used in the Tier’s new generation of standing electric scooters with swappable, recyclable batteries revealed last summer. The swappable batteries and battery swapping stations allow riders to replace the batteries themselves at charging stations. In return, they receive free rides.

Along with the announcement about the partnership with Northvolt, Tier also says it will install 4,500 such battery-swapping stations at local partner companies across Europe, “creating a sustainable energy network that will transform urban transport and contribute to the electrification of cities.”

Tier points out that the most CO2 output in the life cycle of an electric vehicle comes from the mining of the raw materials and their production for the vehicle’s batteries.

Northvolt sees used batteries as a valuable resource and recycles these to provide raw materials for future batteries. The company’s primary production facility, the Northvolt Ett gigafactory, in northern Sweden is powered 100 per cent by fossil-free energy. This cooperation between the Berlin-based micromobility provider and the battery making and recycling will work with Tier in reducing CO2 emissions in production cycles with battery replacement and recycling.

“Partnering with such an innovative and pioneering company as Northvolt is therefore even more important to show that it is possible to use batteries that are produced in an environmentally and socially responsible way. This is the future,” says Lawrence Leuschner, co-founder and CEO of Tier. He says they are aware that despite their efforts in innovation and sustainability, they still have a long way to go

“Our ambition is to provide the world’s greenest battery for the electromobility markets,” said Peter Carlsson, co-founder and CEO of Northvolt. “In Tier, we have found a like-minded partner who shares many of our values on this journey.”

Both Northvolt and Tier Mobility do indeed have a lot in common. Both companies were founded with core concepts of striving for environmental sustainability. Both companies are very young, and both companies have seen enormous success and growth over the last two years. Tier Mobility was founded in 2018 and is now active in over 31 cities in 11 countries.

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