Kia teases design of electric crossover named EV6

Kia’s first electric model based on the Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP) is called EV6. Kia has now officially presented the first teasers of the electric crossover, which shares the technical basis but not the design of Hyundai’s Ioniq 5.

Although Kia also relies on clear lines for the EV6 (for which the previous working-title was Kia CV), the defining design elements are much more dynamic and curved than those of Hyundai’s recently presented 800-volt electric car Ioniq 5, which relies on a distinctly angular design with retro touches. The “tiger nose” radiator grille typical of Kia’s internal combustion models does not seem to have been transferred to the electric world and not even the rear lights are reminiscent of any known Kia model.

Kia electric cars on the E-GMP basis will not only be independent in design, but also in name. Kia says that the model names of the brand’s future stand-alone electric cars will begin with the prefix EV, analogous to the EV6, supplemented by a number corresponding to the vehicle’s position in the model range, similar to what the group’s parent company Hyundai does with its electric sub-brand Ioniq.

Kia has not yet provided any technical data on the EV6 with the revealing of the name and the sketch of the design. However, the Ioniq 5 should provide some good clues here, since it is based on the same platform. This basis will give Kia the scope for batteries with 58 or 73 kWh, powertrains between 125 and 225 kW. The technical details of the electric Kia might differ slightly, but the Kia EV6 should also have the fast-charging capability of up to 220 kW and the impressive charging curve of the Ioniq 5. What should also be noted, is that the media reports linked below mention a battery capacity of 77.4 kWh – but this is the US specification of the Ioniq 5, in Europe, the larger battery holds 72.6 kWh.

“The EV6 embodies both our brand’s purpose – ‘Movement that inspires’ – and our new design philosophy. It is designed to inspire every journey by providing an instinctive experience that enhances our customers’ daily lives, and by enabling easy, intuitive and integrated use,” said Karim Habib, Senior Vice President and Chief Designer, Kia. “Our goal is to shape the physical experience of our brand and create bold, original and imaginative electric vehicles.”

The world premiere of the Kia EV6 could apparently take place as early as next week on 15 March – Kia itself is only talking about a premiere in the first quarter, but that doesn’t leave too many options. The EV6 is scheduled to go on sale in July of this year.,,


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