Electrify America charging free for 2021 Kona Electric and Ioniq Electric

Hyundai Motor America now offers free charging at Electrify America’s ultra-fast charging network for owners of 2021 Kona Electric and Ioniq Electric models. The offer covers 250 kilowatt-hours, which translates to around 1,000 miles or 1,609 km of EPA estimated driving range in the two 2021 models.

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Hyundai says both the 2021 Kona Electric and Ioniq Electric models can reach 80% charge in 54 minutes using a 100 kW DC fast charger.

In terms of where these Hyundai’s electric cars will be able to get their power free of charge, Electrify America says their network now has more than 2,400 ultra-fast chargers across the country, and that these are conveniently located along major routes and city areas, strategically placed near shopping, banking and dining amenities. The Volkswagen subsidiary started up by the German carmaker in the wake of the diesel scandal, now runs each station with between three and ten individual DC fast chargers that they say can accommodate multiple vehicles charging at one time. These points can charge with up to 150kW and 350kW for vehicles capable of taking the HPC charge – to help reduce the amount of time spent charging.

“We know EV interest and sales are expanding, nationwide and more people are adding chargers to their homes every day,” said Olabisi Boyle, vice president, Product Planning and Mobility Strategy, Hyundai Motor North America. “Our Kona and Ioniq EV owners are getting additional peace of mind when heading out on longer trips with prepaid access to Electrify America’s national fast-charging network. Electrify America’s DC fast chargers more than meet the Kona and Ioniq’s higher power charging capabilities.”

Electrify America installed its first charging station in May 2018, and since then, the company says it has added an average of four charging stations per week. The Volkswagen subsidiary says that in the USA, 96 per cent of the population live within 120 miles of an Electrify America charger. Hyundai customers will be able to manage their fast charging plan via an app provided by Electrify America.

The South Korean carmaker did not say whether this offer extends to other models still to hit markets this year. The Ioniq 5, Hyundai’s first production model based on its E-GMP platform was only revealed last month. Production in South Korea is scheduled to start in the first quarter and the first vehicles of the special model are then expected in the markets in early summer. The two available variants are said to be able to be charged from 10 to 80 per cent in 18 minutes.

As for the new Kia model based on the E-GMP platform, just a few days ago, Kia revealed the first pictures of the exterior and interior design of the EV6. The model announced a few days ago is based on the Electric-Global Modular (E-GMP). Although the electric car’s details have not yet been revealed, the world premiere is still promised for later this month. The EV6 is scheduled to go on sale in July of this year.

Since both new models based on the new E-GMP platform are hotly anticipated, the Electrify America and Hyundai offer may well be aimed at spicing up the offer of the two initially mentioned existing models the 2021 Kona Electric and Ioniq Electric models before the new models hit showrooms later this year.

Update 25 May 2021: Electrify America has announced a new agreement with Hyundai to provide all-electric Hyundai Ioniq 5 drivers with two years of unlimited 30-minute complimentary charging sessions from the date of purchase at Electrify America charging stations.

The Ioniq 5 can support both 400-V and 800-V charging infrastructures. The platform offers 800-V charging capability as standard and can accommodate 400-V charging without the need for additional components or adapters. With a 350-kW charger, IONIQ 5 can charge from 10 per cent to 80 per cent in just 18 minutes.

“With 600 public ultra-fast charging stations operational in less than three years – and growing at an impressive pace – Electrify America is prepared to meet new IONIQ 5 drivers where they are and give them the confidence to travel to new destinations with ease,” said Giovanni Palazzo, president and chief executive officer of Electrify America.

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