FC specialist Loop Energy launches cooperation in Germany


The German Spedition Rheintal-Transporte wants to use fuel cells as range extenders for battery-electric trucks serving as long-distance cold chain logistics vehicles. To this end, the company has now signed an agreement with Canadian company Loop Energy.

Under the agreement, Rheintal wants to use Loop’s eFlow fuel cell modules as range extenders. According to Loop, Rheintal will have “unrestricted access to the complementary Total Customer Care services”. Accordingly, the freight forwarder plans to order fuel cell modules for 20 trucks and trailers over the next two years.

“Over the last two years, Rheintal has evaluated a range of zero-emission vehicle options and determined that pure battery-electric solutions alone will not meet either our operational demands or range requirements,” says Wolfgang Normann, energy expert and shareholder at the freight forwarder. After a “thorough review”, they chose Loop and their eFlow system.

The Loop Energy announcement does not say in which vehicles the Canadian fuel cell modules will be installed. Therefore, the exact concept and the technical key data of the planned vehicles are not known.

The freight forwarder, founded in 1934 by the Normann family, is primarily active in long-distance transport. The company, which is now in its third generation, relies on alternative drive systems such as natural gas trucks and hydrogen.

“On behalf of Loop Energy, we welcome the opportunity to partner with a progressive company such as Rheintal to help transform their freight-forwarding business by providing a solution that can deliver goods with a reduced environmental impact,” says George Rubin, Chief Commercial Officer at Loop. The partnership aims to develop solutions that have “similar operating characteristics to diesel engines”.


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