Toyota launches fuel cell cooperation with Eneos

Toyota and the Japanese energy company Eneos have entered into a partnership to advance hydrogen mobility. The core of the cooperation is the expansion of Toyota’s future project Woven City into a hydrogen-based model city.

The goal for the model city Woven City at the foot of Mount Fuji is CO2 neutrality not only in everyday mobility, but in the entire life of the people and in the urban infrastructure itself, says Toyota. Residents should ” live in harmony with nature and technology – smart, connected and sustainable”.

Toyota and Eneos will collaborate to explore the use and application of hydrogen energy, particularly testing and demonstrating the supply chain – from production to delivery to use of hydrogen in and around Woven City.

Specifically, Eneos will build an H2 filling station in the immediate vicinity of Woven City. Eneos already has experience with this; the group currently operates 45 hydrogen filling stations in the four largest metropolitan areas in Japan. Eneos is also developing technologies to scale the production of CO2-free hydrogen – an aspect that will be tested in the pilot city.

The green hydrogen will not only supply the filling station near the Woven City, but also stationary fuel cells installed by Toyota in the city. However, Toyota does not give any details about their number, performance and purpose. Together, the two companies want to promote the use of fuel cell vehicles in logistics in and around the Woven City and develop a supply and demand management system for this sector.

Akio Toyoda, president and CEO of Toyota Motor Corporation, praised Eneos’ expertise along the entire hydrogen chain in the announcement. “To realize a hydrogen-based society, in addition to the evolution of individual technologies, it is essential to seamlessly integrate all the processes of production, delivery, and use,” Toyoda said.


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