Kymco launches battery swapping cooperation


Two-wheeler manufacturer Kymco, Super Soco and Felo Technologies have signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Together, the partners want to develop new electric motorbikes and scooters based on Kymco’s Ionex battery platform.

Kymco had already presented the Ionex system in 2018, but has now been able to win two important partners in Super Soco and Felo. Their future e-scooters and e-motorcycles will now also use the Ionex batteries and the corresponding battery swap system.

Super Soco has a broader two-wheeler offering, ranging from electric retro motorbikes with up to 100 km/h top speed to simple electric scooters for the big city. Felo Technologies, on the other hand, offers modern and performance-oriented electric scooters.

Industry observers see the Kymco alliance as the prelude to a “battery swap war”. Kymco is headquartered in Taiwan, as is its main competitor Gogoro. Gogoro, however, is considered the undisputed market leader in battery swapping systems and has over 2,000 swapping stations in Taiwan alone. Recently, Gogoro had announced that it would bring its battery swap network to China and India on a large scale through cooperations with major two-wheeler manufacturers.


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