Hyzon takes order for 70 fuel cell trucks in Austria


The US-based manufacturer of fuel cell commercial vehicles Hyzon Motors reports another order, this time from Austria. Grocery chain Mpreis has ordered up to 70 fuel cell-powered heavy-duty trucks through its offshoot JuVe Automotion.

These are expected to be built by Hyzon at its European plant in the Groningen area of the Netherlands and delivered within the next three years, with the first examples still to be delivered in 2021.

The first batch of vehicles includes three different heavy-duty trucks, including tractor/puller and rigid chassis designs. Some of these are also going to be built to support refrigeration units. The Austrian grocery chain is taking a holistic approach with this large order for fuel cell vehicles. Already in progress, Mpreis is building its own hydrogen production facility near Innsbruck, Austria. Here, Mpreis will use hydropower to produce green hydrogen. This will provide the grocery chain’s own network of hydrogen refuelling stations.

Craig Knight, Hyzon CEO, said, “Mpreis has made an impressive commitment to the green hydrogen economy, and we are proud to partner with them in our shared goal of transitioning to a zero-emission reality. The Mpreis and Hyzon partnership is yet another proof point that demonstrates this transition can start today – the technology, the capital, and the momentum are ready.”

Hyzon and Mpreis have also signed a memorandum of understanding to collaborate on the ‘H2Alpin’ feasibility study. The study aims to show that fuel cell vehicles are suitable for the demands of alpine mobility, including steep inclines and extreme weather conditions. Hyzon says it has already successfully completed similar studies in Australia, demonstrating the suitability of fuel cell vehicles in extreme heat and in the presence of very challenging ultra-fine dust.

This year has seen a veritable flurry of activity for Hyzon Motors. A few days ago, Hyzon announced that it has received an order for 20 fuel cell trucks with subsidiaries of Dutch transport companies Jan Bakker and Millenaar & van Schaik. Just days before, the company concluded an enormous agreement with the Dutch province of Utrecht, whereby the fuel cell vehicle maker is to provide some 1,800 hydrogen vehicles. Large Hyzon projects were agreed upon this year in the USA, Saudi Arabia, and New Zealand, among others. In all cases, Hyzon Motors has a strategy of holistic collaboration on green hydrogen infrastructure. To accelerate the proliferation of hydrogen mobility and green hydrogen production the company founded the Zero-Carbon Alliance.



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