LeasePlan & New Motion cooperate on charging


British leasing company LeasePlan has entered into a cooperation with Shell subsidiary NewMotion to provide its customers with easy access to charging solutions.

Initially, the collaboration covers the United Kingdom, Germany, Norway and Sweden before being rolled out across other European markets.

LeasePlan is a founding member of the EV100 initiative and has thus committed itself to the goal of achieving a vehicle fleet with net-zero emissions by 2030. For the initiative’s member companies, this generally applies to their own company fleet, but in the case of LeasePlan, it applies to the fleet financed by the company. LeasePlan manages around 1.9 million vehicles in over 30 countries worldwide.

To help customers make the switch to electric vehicles, NewMotion is to offer various charging services. These range from the familiar installation service for charging stations and wallboxes to back-end software for managing customers’ own charging parks and access to the Shell Recharge network for public charging. This network, operated by NewMotion, now comprises 200,000 charging points in 35 European countries.

“We’re really excited to support LeasePlan, one of Europe’s largest players in leasing, in their efforts to scale up e-mobility,” said Melanie Lane, CEO at NewMotion. “To make the transition seamless for both businesses and their employees, companies need a smart charging ecosystem that helps them to monitor and control their charging.”

Not only LeasePlan, but NewMotion also hopes the partnership will provide a boost toward achieving its own strategic goals. NewMotion’s parent company Shell aims to operate more than half a million charging points by 2025.


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