Solaris to deliver 19 electric buses to La Spezia

Image: Solaris

Solaris has received a new order for 19 trolleybuses from the northern Italian city of La Spezia. The local operator ATC Esercizio, which has been using eight Solaris trolleybuses since 2013, has now ordered 14 Trollino with a length of 12 metres and five with a length of 18 metres.

All of them are to be delivered to the city of 93,000 inhabitants on the Italian Riviera by the end of 2022. The 12-metre-long trolleybuses are powered by a 160-kW electric motor, while the 18-metre-long vehicles combine two of these electric motors to produce 320 kW. Also on board: a 45 kWh battery, thanks to which sections can also be covered without an overhead line. The batteries can be charged either during the journey on the overhead line (“in-motion charging”) or via a charging plug at night in the depot.

Solaris specifies that the trolleybuses offer space for 85 passengers in the shorter version and 140 passengers in the long version. And: ATC Esercizio has ordered not only standard equipment such as air conditioning, video surveillance and USB charging sockets, but also the latest assistance systems and (in view of the city’s narrow streets) cameras instead of side mirrors. The operator also relies on Solaris’ eSConnect fleet management system and a passenger counting system that continuously shows both the driver and the passengers how many seats are still available on board each trolleybus.

According to Solaris, a total of 130 Trollino buses are now in service in Italy: in Ancona, Bologna, Cagliari, Milan, Naples, Parma, Rome and San Remo. The Trollino line was launched by Solaris in 2001. Two years later, the first trolleybus with an additional battery on board made its debut. According to Solaris’ own statistics, 1700 12, 18 and 24 m trolleybuses have been delivered worldwide. The largest orders include deliveries to Kaunas (85 Trollino 12) and Milan (80 Trollino 18).


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