Serbia suspends EV subsidies

The government of Serbia has suspended its subsidy programme for electric and hybrid vehicles introduced last year. Since 13 August, no new applications have been accepted for this year because the budget has been exhausted.

“Interested parties are informed that the procedure for granting subsidies for the purchase of new vehicles with exclusively electric drive, as well as hybrid vehicles, is suspended,” says the Serbian Ministry of Environment. The “procedure for granting subsidies” has been terminated for 2021. It is still unclear whether the programme will be resumed in 2022.

Under the subsidy programme presented in spring 2020, electric cars and light commercial vehicles with electric drives were subsidised by the state with up to 5,000 euros; for plug-in hybrids, the subsidy was 3,500 euros. Full hybrids were subsidised with as much as 2,500 euros. In addition, light electric vehicles were also supported with three-digit amounts. The initial budget for the programme was one million euros. (in Serbian)


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