VinFast to develop LFP batteries with Gotion

The Vietnamese e-car start-up VinFast has agreed to cooperate with Volkswagen’s battery partner Gotion High-Tech on the development and production of LFP cells. The construction of a factory for such cells in Vietnam is also being considered.

According to VinFast, a corresponding letter of intent has been signed with Gotion High-Tech. This includes not only research and development but also the intended procurement of cells from Gotion. The possibility of establishing a Gigafactory is still under discussion.

Until now, VinFast has been linked to Taiwanese battery cell manufacturer ProLogium for the batteries for its upcoming electric cars. In March 2021, the two companies formed a joint venture to develop solid-state batteries. In the shorter term, the Vietnamese manufacturer is now apparently focusing on LFP technology.

In the announcement of the deal with Gotion, VinFast emphasises the well-known advantages of lithium iron phosphate batteries, such as high safety, durability and the absence of materials such as cobalt and manganese. In addition, the price of LFP batteries is competitive, which lowers the production costs of electric vehicles, especially small and medium-sized vehicles.

“Gotion High-Tech will definitely use its cutting-edge technology and rich experience in battery manufacturing to fully support VinFast’s electrification strategy,” said Zhen Li, CEO of Gotion. “Let us work together to advance the development of the new energy industry and accelerate the realization of the goal of “carbon neutrality” between China and Vietnam and the world.”

“The collaboration with such a prestigious battery manufacturer in the world as Gotion is among VinFast’s essential action plans for developing its smart electric cars and complete supply chains,” said Thai Thanh Hai, Vice Chairman of Vingroup, on the other hand. “Our ultimate objective is to establish a clean energy ecosystem, contributing to cutting carbon emissions in Vietnam as well as in VinFast’s global markets.”

The fact that the announcement features Thai Thanh Hai as a representative of parent company Vingroup and not VinFast’s CEO is for a simple reason: new CEO Michael Lohscheller is still under contract with Stellantis until the end of August.

VinFast gave the first details about the models in January 2021. According to the information at the time, these are called VF31, VF32 and VF33 and are in the C, D and E segments. In the announcement of Lohscheller’s commitment, however, the models are called VF e34, VF e35 and VF e36.


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