Aug 28, 2021 - 12:30 pm

24 new eCitaro on Darmstadt’s roads

The 24 electric buses ordered by the transport company HEAG mobilo about a year ago have now been put into operation in Darmstadt. The battery technology of the 24 Mercedes-Benz eCitaro, eleven solo and 13 articulated buses, is based on second-generation nickel-manganese-cobalt cells (NMC).

The new fleet addition is an important part of HEAG mobilo plans to replace the current fleet of around 80 vehicles with their electric counterparts by 2025. Today’s launch represents around 36 per cent of the planned fleet. The first step was taken in June 2020, when HEAG mobilo took its first steps in the EV field with the launch of five eCitaro. Upon delivery of the vehicles, a new order was quickly issued only a few months later for the current 24 electric buses. Once all the diesel buses have been replaced by their electrically driven counterparts, the transport company has calculated that it will save approximately 2.5 million litres of diesel fuel annually and thus avoid around 6,600 tonnes of CO2.


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