BYD adds to Link Transit electric bus fleet


In the USA, BYD has announced the delivery of two battery-electric 30-foot K7M-ER buses to Link Transit in Wenatchee, Washington. This brings the number of the agency’s zero-emission bus fleet to a total of 12.

The BYD electric buses come from the Chinese company’s plant in Lancaster, California. The BYD K8M is a 35-f00t electric bus, which the bus maker says has a range of up to 215 miles (346 kilometres), 32 seats and 3 – 4 hours charging time.

Just last month, we reported that Link Transit Authority installed three additional inductive charging systems from Momentum Dynamics. Charging capacities of up to 300 kW mean that electric buses can be charged wirelessly within a few minutes. Link Transit started using the wireless charging systems in 2018 for the country’s first 200-kilowatt wireless charging system for a battery-electric transit bus. This inductive charging system has been operational on a BYD K9S bus.

“We’re honoured that the forward-thinking leaders of Link Transit have once again chosen BYD buses to provide their passengers with transportation that is comfortable, quiet, and protective of the beauty of Chelan and Douglas counties,” said Patrick Duan, BYD North America Senior Vice President. He noted that the BYD electric buses will lower the running costs of bus services, as is the case will all electric vehicles. This is owing to the fact that electric motors have far fewer moving parts than their fossil-fuelled counterparts and therefore require less maintenance. This is in addition, of course, to the lower costs of powering the vehicles.

Washington State is not only a forerunner with wireless charging of electric buses, but also boasts electric planes and electric ferries, in addition to the more usual electric cars and vans. During the Trump administration, which saw a loosening of air quality standards across the state, Washington voluntarily adopted tighter air quality standards.



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