Polestar to launch single motor deliveries this month

Polestar has announced that the single-engine variants of the Polestar 2, which were introduced in the spring, will be delivered for the first time this month. The Swedish-Chinese brand also plans to expand further globally.

Polestar had announced the single-motor, small-battery and large-battery variants of the Polestar 2 in April. The Polestar 2 Single Motor Long Range uses the 78-kWh battery familiar from the all-wheel-drive model, but does without the rear motor. The electric motor on the front axle produces 170 kW, the WLTP range is up to 540 kilometres.

The smaller “Standard Range” battery with 64 kWh is new. Polestar states the power of the motor (which in turn drives the front axle) at 165 kW. The WLTP range is up to 420 kilometres. The previously available all-wheel drive model with 2×150 kW has a range of up to 480 kilometres in the WLTP test.

With the new variants, a heat pump is also available as an option in the Polestar 2 for the first time. In addition, the equipment packages have been adjusted – to simplify production during ramp-up, the “Plus” and “Pilot” packages were initially included in the all-wheel-drive model, only the “Performance” package was subject to an additional charge. In the meantime, the packages can be chosen freely, which also reduces the base price – to now 35,930 euros after deduction of the environmental bonus.

“We designed Polestar 2 to be a truly desirable, avant-garde electric car,” says Thomas Ingenlath, CEO of Polestar. “The combination of design, our material choices and the Polestar experience are the essence of the Polestar 2. I’m proud that the team has created a car that delivers a great premium experience as standard, whether you add the well curated option packs or not.”

Polestar also announced its global expansion plans at IAA Mobility. By the end of 2022, the Swedish electric car brand aims to be present in 30 global markets. Polestar is currently active in 18 countries. In Europe, Luxembourg and Iceland are to be added, in the Middle East Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates. The respective timelines for entering each market are to be announced at a later date.

“Growth on this scale is unprecedented and confirms our positioning as a global electrical brand,” said Ingenlath. “Our unique business model has enabled us to build the production capacity we need to meet the demand for our electric vehicles. Our digital-first approach allows us to enter new markets faster.”

At the IAA Mobility in Munich, Polestar will maintain a presence at Königsplatz. Among other things, the Precept concept presented in 2020 will be exhibited there for the first time in Germany. And also an electric two-wheeler: In cooperation with the Swedish brand Cake, a special Polestar version of the Makka electric motorbike has been developed.

The “Special Edition” has some adjustments to the design, such as a slimmer LED headlight. Since Cake’s two-wheelers are lightweight and minimalist, there is also to be a special transport solution: Via a trailer coupling at the rear of the car, the motorbike can be transported and charged directly at the car while driving. The e-motorcycle is then to be used as a commuter vehicle for the last mile, as a general transport solution in the city or even for off-road adventures. Polestar has not yet published photos of this solution, however.

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