Allego to install 120 HPC chargers at Van der Valk hotels


Allego has expanded its partnership with the Van der Valk hotel chain and will install 120 new fast chargers at more than 50 hotels in Belgium and the Netherlands from the end of this year. These will primarily be DC charging points in different power classes.

The main focus will be on the installation of at least 60 HPC chargers with 150 kW to 300 kW capacity, according to Allego. In addition, 60 DC chargers with 50 kW will be installed to “meet the diverse charging needs”.

With the fast chargers, Allego and Van der Valk want to reach through-travellers and conference guests. For overnight guests or customers planning a longer stay, the project also includes 100 AC charging points with 11 kW – so with 50 hotels, two AC charging points per installation. The Van der Valk hotels are mostly centrally located on major roads or near motorways, so Allego says it wants to increase the availability of charging stations in conurbations and along travel corridors.

Allego already operates a number of fast chargers on the premises of various Van der Valk hotels. According to Allego, the installation of the charging points from the now agreed expansion of the cooperation will start in the fourth quarter, specifically at the Cuijk-Nijmegen hotel. All other locations are to be put into operation within two years.

The communication does not mention which charging columns Allego will rely on. Recently, the Dutch company increasingly installed Alpitronic’s Hyperchargers – a Hypercharger can also be seen in the photo.

In addition, Allego opened its first three HPC locations in Denmark a few days ago as part of the Mega-E project. Two locations are on the E20 (Odense and Slagelse), the Nørre Alslev station is on the E47 between Maribo and Copenhagen. A mixture of Alpitronic Hyperchargers as HPC and 50 kW chargers from Tritium have been set up there in each case. (cooperation with Van der Valk hotel chain), (Denmark)


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