Recall for the fuel cell Nexo

Hyundai has recalled about 15,000 units of the hydrogen-powered Nexo since August due to faulty fuel cell stacks in order to replace them, according to a Korean media report.

The manufacturer recently also informed Nexo owners that it had decided to introduce an out-of-warranty compensation programme for affected vehicles.

To make up for the issue, the company intends to pay compensation based on the car’s date of release and distance travelled, for all out of warranty Nexos that require a replacement of the ‘stack’, the car’s core operating device. A 5-year-old Nexo with less than 167,000 kilometers of driving distance would be eligible for compensation of up to 39 per cent, while a 7-year-old model would qualify for compensation of around 20 per cent.


about „Recall for the fuel cell Nexo“
Jim Horwitz
27.10.2021 um 17:52
The Nexo was only released in the spring of 2018, so the compensation schedule probably won't apply to any Nexos on the road as I assume the stacks are all under warranty. I didn’t see the issue anywhere, but I assume it was not as extreme as the Chevy Bolt Li-Ion batteries catching fire.
Jack Schmitt
14.12.2021 um 01:05
I need to know about US based Nexo cars. Mine has been at the dealer for 4 months waiting for repair or buyback! I see the buyback for Korea not for the USA?
Edward Battista
22.04.2022 um 00:22
How do I initiate a claim, request for buy back? My 2021 Nexo broke down two weeks ago. it is the fuel stack. Thanks.

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