Aiways teams up with Astara for Spain & Portugal

The Chinese manufacturer Aiways is joining forces with Astara to sell its electric SUVs in Spain and Portugal. Spanish and Portuguese buyers will be able to order the battery-electric Aiways U5 online or at the dealer from the first quarter of 2022.

Currently, Aiways sells the U5 in six European countries – Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy and the Netherlands. A few days ago, Aiways signed a cooperation agreement with Alcomotive as the exclusive distribution partner for Switzerland. There, as in Spain and Portugal, sales are to start in 2022.

“We are quietly but confidently building a sizeable presence across Europe, working with some forward-thinking partners in each of our markets,” says Alex Klose, Executive Vice President of Overseas Operations at Aiways. “We will use this momentum for further growth and expansion not only in other countries but also in new products. Each year we will bring a new Aiways model to the streets and into our markets, starting with the U6 SUV-Coupé at the beginning of next year.”

Astara used to operate as the theBergé Group and is a global company with a presence in 14 countries. The company offers a diversified portfolio of mobility products and solutions, for purchase and subscription, with B2B, B2C and new digital channels with a clear focus on growth.

“There is huge potential for a high-quality and innovative electric SUV in Spain and Portugal – and the Aiways U5 is the perfect contender,” says Astara CEO Jorge Navea. “We are very excited to add the Aiways brand to our portfolio, and now is the right time to introduce Aiways’ electric vehicles to a broad audience.”

After the launch of the U6 next year, a new electric model will be launched in Europe every year. However, Aiways has not yet announced what will happen after the U6.


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