Nobina orders 70 electric buses from BYD

BYD reports another large electric bus order from Finland. The local transport operator Nobina has ordered a further 70 e-buses, 42 of which are 13 metres long and 28 of which are 15 metres long.

These are to be delivered in the summer of 2022 and will mainly operate on city routes in the greater Helsinki area. The 13-metre variants are vehicles that are relatively close to the 12-metre buses that are otherwise common in Europe. The 15-metre buses with double axles at the rear, however, are mainly used in Scandinavia for intercity transport. Besides BYD, Solaris also offers such a 15-metre bus with electric drive.

Both variants now ordered by Nobina are equipped with LFP batteries from BYD. In the 13-metre bus, one charge is supposed to be enough for 400 kilometres, in the 15-metre bus for 450 kilometres – but BYD does not specify the respective energy content.

This is Nobina Finland’s second major order for purely electric buses from BYD: In August, BYD had already delivered 76 electric buses to Nobina for use in Helsinki, thus completing an order for a total of 119 vehicles. In addition to Helsinki, the vehicles are also in use in Turku. The order included a mix of the twelve-metre buses, 13-metre buses, 15-metre buses and also 18-metre articulated buses.

“We continue to select BYD eBuses based on their excellent track record for reliability, operational efficiency, performance, safety and of course, for the comfort they provide to our passengers,” says Petri Auno, CEO of Nobina Finland. “BYD eBuses now account for 25% of our Nobina Finland fleet and we look forward to enhancing this in the future”

Isbrand Ho, Managing Director of BYD Europe, added: “We are delighted to have been awarded another prestigious order from Nobina Finland. Scandinavia is fast embracing eMobility, as demonstrated by the many hundreds of BYD eBuses already in operation across the Nordics.”


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