Solvay invests in Sepion for Li-metal anodes


Chemical group Solvay has invested in California-based start-up Sepion Technologies that specializes in developing batteries with Li-metal anodes and liquid electrolytes.

Solvay was not the only investor, however, as the $16 million investment round was led by Fine Structure Ventures, and also includes other climate tech investors. The company raised funds to accelerate the commercialization of lithium metal batteries for long-range and low-cost electric vehicles. The companies hope to capitalize on the long lifetime of Sepion’s battery technology. Normally, battery life is limited by the growth of dendrites, which can cause the batteries to fail and preclude longer life cycles. Sepion’s technology is based on an innovative polymeric membrane, which prevents the growth of dendrites.

“In addition to being a groundbreaking solution, Sepion’s technology can be readily adopted as it leverages the current Li-ion manufacturing infrastructure and liquid electrolytes,” explains Nicolas Cudré-Mauroux, Solvay’s chief technology officer, “As a leader in Li-ion electrolyte additives, Solvay provides a complementary expertise to Sepion’s core technology.”

Solvay was most recently involved in an aerial taxi scheme run by Vertical Aerospace, but has also been collecting IP’s in the area of battery technology and recycling.


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