Tesla stops taking Model S/X orders outside North America


Tesla, in an email to customers, announced it was not taking Model S and Model X orders outside North America. The company now expects deliveries in other markets to restart during the second half of 2022. Configurators in Germany continue to show both models but do not indicate prices or delivery dates any longer.

The report came through the Electrek portal quoting said email. It reads: “To expedite delivery of existing orders, including your Model X order, as much as possible, we are no longer accepting new Model S and Model X orders from markets outside North America at this time.”

This is not at much as a surprise or indicative of new issues. Tesla had racked up a backlog of Model S and Model X orders in Europe and other markets as it had not shipped any Model S/X there in a year. The reason was an update of both models which reportedly resulted in delays. While US deliveries started in June (Model S) and continued in October (Model X), Tesla’s Q3 data showed only 8,941 Model S/X built and 9,275 delivered. (Since Model X did not go to customers until October, this is likely to be purely Model S; Tesla never breaks this down).

The company has also postponed launching the refreshed premium models several times. Initially, they were expected in September, but Tesla since pushed the cars to mid-2022, and in October to “late 2022”, according to the configurator.

Tesla delivered the last Model S and Model X in the original version at the end of 2020. Considering today’s news, the break in the supply chain of Tesla’s premium models in Europe will stretch to one and a half and possibly two years.

The planned European production site near Berlin, which will eventually make Model Y electric cars, has also had problems, as reported. The start of manufacturing at Giga Berlin originally envisioned for summer, will not happen this year and possibly not ramp up before mid-2022. The reason is continuous delays in the approval process primarily due to environmental concerns and objections by civil society actors.


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