BMW i4 and iX price & EPA range revealed for the USA

In the USA, BMW has released EPA range figures and pricing for the iX and i4, both of which are due to go on sale there during Q1 2022. 

We have summarised the dimensions and technical data in these articles on the i4 and iX. For US American drivers of electric BMW vehicles, BMW Charging Powered by EVgo provides access to EVgo and partner charging network stations via a mobile app.

For the new 2022 BMW iX xDrive50, the EPA has confirmed a range of up to 324 miles (521 kilometres) with 20-inch wheels, 305 miles (490 kilometres) with 21-inch wheels and 315 miles (507 kilometres) with 22-inch wheels. Prices in the US should start at around $84,195.

BMW i4 eDrive40 EPA range of 301 miles (484 kilometres) when equipped with 18-inch wheels and 282 miles (453 kilometres) when equipped with 19-inch wheels. Prices should start at $56,395 for eDrive40, which includes the destination fee.

BMW i4 M50 EPA range of 270 miles (435 kilometres) when equipped with 19-inch wheels and 227 miles (365 kilometres) when equipped with 20-inch wheels. Here, prices including destination fees should start at $66,895.

The iX and i4 pursue quite different purposes: As a pure electric model on its own platform, the large e-SUV iX is supposed to show what current BMW technology is capable of in terms of electric mobility, driving assistants and connectivity. The i4, on the other hand, is to use these technology building blocks to bring all the functionality to the centre of the model range: a sporty mid-size sedan, of the kind that has defined the German brand core for decades. The i4 electric sedan has been in production at the BMW plant in Munich since the end of October.

BMW, which was recently caught lobbying against restrictions on CO2 outputs, but a short while later, in November just passed, when BMW began deliveries of the i4 and the iX to customers in Europe, the German carmaker proudly pointed out that the BMW Group line-up now features five fully-electric vehicles. BMW cited targets of producing all-electric cars at every German plant by 2022 and having at least one all-electric model on the road in each of around 90 per cent of today’s market segments by 2023. By 2030, the BMW Group wants to increase the share of fully electric vehicles in its global sales to at least 50 per cent. (iX), (i4)


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