VinFast is coming to Europe in 2022

The Vietnamese car manufacturer VinFast gives more details about its European strategy. The company’s first two electric cars, the VF e35 and the VF e36, are to make their market debut in three European countries in 2022.

VinFast currently develops and manufactures exclusively electric scooters and electric buses in its own production complex in northern Vietnam. Under the new CEO Michael Lohscheller, previously the head of Opel, production of the first passenger cars is to start soon. While there was previously talk of three electric SUVs in the C, D and E segments to be launched in Vietnam, North America and Europe, the current announcement mentions two models: the VF e35 as a D-segment SUV and the VF e36 as its E-segment counterpart. The smaller VF e34 thus follows in the list.

VinFast revealed the initial details of the models in January 2021. At that time, the company referred to them as the VF31, VF32 and VF33, but they are likely to be identical vehicles. Now, the two larger representatives are to make a start. VinFast plans to announce “full details of the product range” before the market launch in the first half of 2022.

Meanwhile, it is already clear that the company wants to concentrate on the core markets of Germany, the Netherlands and France in Europe. According to a Reuters report, Italy, Scandinavia, Switzerland and Austria could follow in 2023. Production of the vehicles destined for Europe will continue to take place in Vietnam, according to the manufacturer. In addition to Europe and Vietnam, VinFast also plans to launch in the US and Canada in 2022.

Meanwhile, against the backdrop of its imminent expansion into Europe, the Vietnamese company announced that it has also become a member of the Association of International Motor Vehicle Manufacturers in Germany, as well as other associations, including the importers’ association CSIAM, the e-vehicle association AVERE (both France) and the Dutch RAI.

“This is a golden time for VinFast and the entire automotive industry,” said CEO Michael Lohscheller, referring to the “unprecedented transformation” of the industry driven by electrification. VinFast’s electric cars offer customers an outstanding driving experience thanks to their high-quality and modern design, advanced technologies and safety standards. “I believe that VinFast’s serious and well-planned investment strategy, proven production capabilities and reputable partnership network will allow the brand to grow tremendously and gain high acceptance from consumers from Vietnam to Europe.”

VinFast counts Faurecia, ZF, Dürr, Bosch, ABB and Thyssenkrupp among its partners. The company has also been putting out feelers to companies researching new battery technologies for some time. These include Gotion High-Tech, ProLogium and StoreDot.

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