SK Innovation aims to advance all-solid-state batteries


SK Innovation has revealed that it will be collaborating with a research team led by Professor Lee Seung-woo of Georgia Tech in the United States with the aim of advancing “the era of next-generation all-solid-state batteries.” SK Innovation is not only conducting its own research but putting efforts to develop all-solid-state batteries actively cooperating with various groups.

Professor Lee Seung-woo and his team have developed a solid electrolyte that is said to boost ionic conductivity by 100 times. Just last week Nature published his article on rubber-type high polymer solid electrolyte jointly developed with KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology).

According to SK Innovation, the discoveries made represent a ground-breaking achievement. Until now realising a solid electrolyte that simultaneously ensures ionic conductivity and safety while functioning at room temperature has been the biggest hurdle with this technology. If this technology makes the journey to market, SK Innovation says it has the power to extend electric vehicle ranges currently hovering around 500 kilometres up to 800 kilometres on a single charge.

Lee Seong-jun, head of the SK Innovation Institute of Environmental Science and Technology, said, “We will move up the era of all-solid-state-batteries, which are also called ‘dream batteries’, by cooperating with Professor Lee Seung-woo’s research team who achieved a remarkable research result to build up our technological competitiveness and contribute to a greater convenience for humanity.”

The S.Korean subsidiary of the oil refining giant SK Group, SK Innovation says it expects to accelerate the development of all-solid-state batteries with the addition of independently secured existing all-solid-state battery technology and Professor Lee’s research results.

Last October, the S.Korean battery giant SK Innovation started to work with Solid Power, to develop all-solid-state batteries that can be made in the current lithium-ion battery production facilities. Since 2020, the battery maker has been working in collaboration with the Nobel laureate Professor John B. Goodenough.


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