EKPO receives FC order from Aerostack

EKPO Fuel Cell Technologies has received an order from Aerostack GmbH. Over the next two years, EKPO will provide development services and supply fuel cell stacks optimised for aerospace applications.

Looking at the ownership structure of the two companies, the order comes as no surprise: EKPO Fuel Cell Technologies is the fuel cell joint venture of ElringKlinger and Plastic Omnium. Aerostack GmbH is a joint venture between Airbus and ElringKlinger. Airbus and ElringKlinger had announced such a joint venture in 2020.

The stacks for Aerostack are to be based on the NM12 platform. The NM12 stack family is the most powerful in EKPO’s product portfolio, with an output of up to 205 kWel and an exceedingly high power density of over 6.0 kW/l in the cell block. They will then be integrated into the customer’s further development process to make fuel cells usable for aviation.

ElringKlinger also states that the design of the NM12 platform stacks offers “optimal conditions” for scaling and modularisation. Customers should be able to adapt the stacks to their requirements as efficiently and flexibly as possible.

ElringKlinger does not specify the scope of the order – in terms of unit numbers or financial details – in the statement.

“This order and the entire partnership with Aerostack demonstrate not only the wide range of applications of fuel cells, but also the technological leadership of EKPO,” said Julien Etienne, EKPO’s managing director of sales. “As the logical next step in our cooperation with Aerostack, we will provide stack components, prototypes and industrial development services to optimize the performance of Aerostack’s first stack generation.” However, Etienne adds that the project will also allow the company to further expand its own know-how, for example in bipolar plates and sealing technology.



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