Tesla opens Superchargers to third-parties in Europe

After a test phase lasting several months, Tesla has made all of its Superchargers in the Netherlands accessible to electric cars from other brands. Pilot programs are also underway in Norway, France, Germany and Belgium for electric car drivers from other brands to use the Superchargers via an app.

Tesla spread the news of the opening of its Supercharging network via its Twitter channel. After Tesla initially opened ten Superchargers in the Netherlands with a pilot program three months ago, Tesla’s Supercharger Map now shows that Tesla has 54 Supercharging locations in the Netherlands, although not every location is open.

The Supercharger locations in the Netherlands are now found in Almere, Amsterdam, Bergen op Zoom, Den Bosch, Deventer, Groningen, Haalem, Houten, Maastricht, Nederweert, Ridderkerk, Roermond, Roosendaal, Schiemdam, Spier, Urecht, Zoetermeet, and Zurich.

Last month it became clear that the Supercharger network would also become available for EV drivers from other brands in other European countries. The initial openings served as a test run to gain experience with demand. At the end of January, the test project was extended to Norway and France, and pilot programs are also starting in Germany and Belgium.

With the opening of its Superchargers to third parties, nothing changes for Tesla drivers who can use the stations as usual, only with a lower price than third-party users. Tesla says that the prices for non-Tesla drivers reflect the additional costs for supporting other vehicles. Tesla has not yet named concrete prices that will be viewable in the corresponding app.

The US American company has said that each location will be closely monitored for congestion. Tesla also aims to continue to gather information about the experiences of its customers. The company says that the more customers that use the Supercharger network, the faster it can be expanded. The goal is to learn and improve quickly while aggressively expanding the network so that Tesla can eventually welcome both Tesla and non-Tesla drivers at every Supercharger worldwide. As of today, more than 30,000 Superchargers are now connected worldwide since Tesla initiated its own charging network in 2012.

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