Tesla lauches Model Y deliveries in the UK

Deliveries of the Tesla Model Y in the UK have officially begun. The first about 25 cars were handed over to owners, with the final mass car transfer event is scheduled for 19 February.

As is the case just about everywhere, the car is available in two variants. The entry-level ‘Long Range’ models produce 324 kW and offer a range up to 331 miles, a 135 mph top speed and a 0-62 mph acceleration of 4.8 seconds. The more powerful ‘Performance’ version can run up to 360 kW, with a range of 319 miles, a top speed of 155 mph and a 0-62 acceleration of 3.5 sec.

Prices in the UK start from £54,990, rising to £64,990 for the Performance model. Customers can take advantage of Tesla’s extensive Supercharging network, which is capable of 250kW charging.

The Model Y has been out in Europe since last summer, with deliveries picking up steam a few weeks after the first vehicles arrived. Much of the additional vehicle load was produced in the Shanghai gigafactory, which is slowly becoming one of Tesla’s bigger production facilities, however, progress towards the German gigafactory near Berlin is being made as well, with production now estimated to begin in March.

There had also been a small-scale recall for the Model Y in the USA last year, however, this particular production issue seems to have been isolated and dealt with.

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