First Tesla Model Y units arrive in Europe

The first Tesla Model Ys have arrived in Europe. A German manager of the electric car manufacturer made this public on his LinkedIn channel. The official start of deliveries is still scheduled for September, but it looks like the first deliveries could take place in August. This is also supported by a media date.

The Tesla Model Y can be ordered in Germany since the beginning of July. The market launch of the Model Y in Europe is earlier than last stated on Tesla’s website, but later than originally planned. This is due to the delayed completion of the Tesla plant in Grünheide, near Berlin. The Model Y cars for the European market were supposed to be delivered from there. However, the Californian company no longer wants to wait that long. After all, the German electric car market is in full swing. So the Model Y is being imported from China.

The first ship has now apparently docked. Daniel Riek, Tesla’s Senior Key Account Manager in Munich, announced on his LinkedIn profile that the Model Y has arrived in Europe. According to the Tesla website, the market launch for Germany is still scheduled for September. However, already at the time of the order launch, rumours emerged that deliveries could start as early as August. The arrival of the first units before the middle of the month now also suggests this. Just like the German premiere of the vehicle, to which Tesla has invited journalists to its showroom in Berlin on 19 August.

Meanwhile, new photos suggest that test production of the Model Y in Austin could begin this week. The photos were taken by Joe Tegtmeyer, a drone pilot who regularly films the outside of the Giga Texas. According to him, the goal is the regular start of production in October. He does not name a source for this information.

Finally, Tesla has now confirmed that the start of production of the Cybertruck will be postponed to 2022. On the order page, the footnote now states that the configurator will be available when “production approaches in 2022”.

In the context of the latest business figures, the manufacturer had already announced that the launch of the Semi e-truck will also not take place until 2022. According to the original plans, the Semi, a Class 8 electric truck, was to go into series production as early as 2019. Later, this was postponed to 2020. As a reason for the new delay, Tesla said it wanted to concentrate on the construction and commissioning of the new factories for the time being.

At best, only a few examples of the Cybertruck were to be rolled out this year; volume production was not planned until 2022 from the beginning. In January, it was said that the development and design had been completed. Musk also said at the time that an even larger “gigapress” than the one currently used in the Model Y would be ordered for the rear frame of the Cybertruck. (both European deliveries), (Austin), (Cybertruck)


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chris garnett
10.08.2021 um 12:52
hi there, thanks for this, any update on delivery to UK?
15.08.2021 um 10:40
So annoying to hear that model Y production has been delayed in Europe due to German Red tape, but the imported Y is currently being sold in Germany, but they are still not for sale in UK. When Germany finally starts Y production it will be left hand drives for its own market, so you'd have thought right hand drive Ys should be the 1st to be imported into Europe?
08.09.2021 um 12:03
I want to know if the UK version Model Y built in Berlin will roll out first with 4680 batteries? because if they roll out with their current batteries, I'm not jumping on it, prefer to get more bang for my buck on the new ones :)
James Lawson
10.10.2021 um 15:48
If the Model Y is selling at E56.990 in Germany as of today, 10/10/21. Should we expect the UK version to sell at around £49,990? Or, once again are we going to be ripped off by manufacturers blaming import taxes and VAT. We should be 15% less than the EU nations as our import tariffs are exactly the same. Really dont want a Model 3 with the Y literally weeks away.Model 3 valuations will drop overnight. Why would anybody buy a 3 when you can have the Y. Apart from price.
15.10.2021 um 01:47
Why should we be 15% less than EU countries? If our tariffs are the same, and our VAT is the same or very similar?

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