Britishvolt & Aston Martin to develop EV batteries


Britishvolt has entered into a development partnership with Aston Martin for electric car batteries. The aim is not only to maximise the performance of special cylindrical high-performance cells developed by Britishvolt for use in Aston Martin’s electric cars.

Reports began surfacing about a month ago that Aston Martin was interested in cells from Britishvolt. However, the announcement by the prospective battery cell manufacturer now reveals that the cooperation does not only include the cell: A joint research and development team of Aston Martin and Britishvolt will also develop and industrialise battery packs, battery modules and a battery management system.

Britishvolt does not disclose the financial scope of the Memorandum of Understanding that has now been signed, nor the technical details of the battery cell. However, some development goals are mentioned: In its first BEV, planned for 2025, Aston Martin wants to aim for “new standards of repeatable on-track performance, charging time and range”, Britishvolt says.

Aston Martin chief executive Tobias Moers indicated that they would jointly develop technologies “power benchmark-setting Aston Martin electric cars that will match our reputation for high performance and ultra-luxury with the highest standards of sustainability”. He added: “Supplementing the close strategic relationship with our shareholder Mercedes-Benz AG, this partnership provides Aston Martin with additional access to technology and skills to broaden our electrification options.” Aston Martin reportedly plans to offer all new models only with electrified powertrains from 2026. In doing so, Aston Martin will use hybrid and electric powertrains from shareholder Mercedes-Benz.

“This collaboration once again highlights the value of working hand-in-glove with customers to co-develop and manufacture tailored, sustainable, localised battery cells, allowing vehicle makers to deliver superior products. Technologies that reset the benchmarks,” says Orral Nadjari, CEO and founder of Britishvolt.

At the end of January, Britishvolt had already entered into a similar development partnership with Geely’s Lotus brand. Currently, Britishvolt is pursuing two ventures: Firstly, collaborations for the development of customised battery cells, and secondly, the construction of the factory where these cells will later be manufactured. Preliminary work has been underway at the Blyth site since September 2021.


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