Mar 8, 2022 - 02:01 pm

Forsee Power presents heavy-duty truck batteries

French battery manufacturer Forsee Power has unveiled a new range of battery packs for heavy-duty electric vehicles such as buses, off-road vehicles and special trucks. The new range, called ZEN PLUS, is offered in five variants.

The ZEN PLUS range is positioned above the ZEN battery modules, which offer between eight and 42 kWh depending on the version – Forsee had also recently revised the ZEN 42.

According to the manufacturer, the ZEN-PLUS series has an energy density of 180 Wh/kg and is offered in five versions with capacities of 74, 77, 79, 82 and 84 kWh. The naming again follows the energy content, the modules are offered as ZEN 74 to ZEN 84.

According to Forsee, the modules are designed so that they can be installed both in the rear of the vehicle and – in the case of electric buses, for example – on the roof. If several modules are combined, the range should be sufficient for the vehicles to be used all day without recharging. However, Forsee does not specify a maximum configuration in the announcement.

Instead, the French manufacturer emphasizes that the ZEN-PLUS modules are the first model on the market that can “perfectly adapt voltage and energy to the needs of the system.” Specifically, the battery packs are said to be able to power both 650-volt and 800-volt systems.

The company does not provide details on the cells, but they are NMC lithium-ion cells. The battery packs are said to be able to operate in all climates thanks to “high-performance liquid thermal management.” The packs, including cells, are designed for 5,000 cycles, which should result in an “extremely competitive total cost of ownership” over their lifetime.


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