Scania & Cummins to build 20 fuel cell trucks

Image: H2 Mobility

Scania will work with Cummins to build 20 fuel cell trucks for the HyTrucks consortium. These will be based on Scania’s battery-electric vehicle platform and use fuel cell systems and hydrogen fueling and storage solutions from Cummins. The 20 H2 trucks are scheduled for delivery to HyTrucks in 2024.

Scania does not provide more detailed information about the vehicles in a statement. The company states that the vehicles will run on green hydrogen as part of the HyTrucks consortium. Scania also stresses that the pure battery-powered truck remains the company’s main strategy, as it offers customers more uptime and better costs per kilometre or hour of operation.

Nevertheless, the company is open to customers’ wishes, “also with regard to other solutions such as hydrogen”, says Fredrik Allard, Head of E-Mobility at Scania. The energy carrier may not be the most efficient solution, but it is carbon-free, the company adds.

Moreover, there are some types of transport that are difficult to reduce by other means in the short term, he adds. Allard continued, “In some operations and geographies were battery electric vehicles are not optimal, we see that fuel cell electric vehicle will be used.” He said they are in close dialogue with customers “on what is best both for their total operating economy and our planet.”

The HyTrucks project will allow Scania to learn more about fuel cell system installation and operation, he said. The consortium, formed by Air Liquide, DATS 24 and the ports of Rotterdam, Antwerp and Duisburg, reportedly plans to deploy 1,000 H2 trucks and 25 H2 refuelling stations by 2025. The project aims to contribute to zero-emission truck transport between the Netherlands, Belgium and western Germany.


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