Batteryloop builds energy storage from old forklift batteries


Batteryloop, a subsidiary of Stena Recycling, has installed an energy storage system at Stena Metall Group’s head office in Gothenburg, using batteries from the industrial truck manufacturer Toyota Material Handling in the connected load.

The storage system has a capacity of 155 kW, according to Batteryloop. At the commercial building, the storage system is used for several tasks: The battery is connected to a total of 55 charging points – four of these charging points produce 22 kW, for the others the (presumably lower) power is not mentioned.

With the peak-shave function, the storage unit also caps peak loads of the property, thus reducing electricity costs and grid connection costs. When the peak-shave function is not needed due to lower energy demand, the energy from the storage can be made available to Svanska Kräftnat as balancing power – so the storage provides further income.

The basis of the energy storage system BLESS (“Batteryloop Energy Storage System”) is formed by 800 battery modules with 150 Ah each from Toyota Material Handling (TMHE). According to Kristian Björkman, Senior Vice President TMHE Supply, the batteries were previously used in forklift trucks. In other projects, Batteryloop has relied on old batteries from Volvo electric buses, for example.

The Toyota subsidiary originally sourced the batteries from Micropower Group. “We are very happy that we in this collaboration can show a great use case for our battery modules when they are no longer suitable for its initial purpose,” says Fredrik Falk, vice president of marketing and sales at Micropower Group. “As a supplier of batteries, we want to enable our customers to in a sustainable way be able to recycle or re-use their batteries. Finding solutions like this both increases value and improves the environmental impact of the battery modules.”

“The customer will have increased control over their power costs and a secure capacity to be able to offer a higher power and quality to the charging infrastructure that has been installed,” says Rasmus Bergström, CEO of Batteryloop. “At the same time as supporting the electricity grid and thereby contributing to the conversion of renewable electricity production.”


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