7,207 new battery-electric cars registered in Norway over April


In Norway, 7,207 new electric passenger cars were registered in April, which corresponds to a share of 74.1 per cent among all new passenger car registrations for the month. In addition, 982 new plug-in hybrids were registered. In the model ranking, none of the usual vehicles were ahead in April.

After a strong March with 13,983 new electric cars, April was again somewhat weaker. However, this is also due to Tesla’s delivery cycles, which bring a particularly large number of vehicles into the statistics in the last month of a quarter. In March, there were 5,001 Teslas, to be exact.

Compared to April 2021, new electric vehicle registrations were more or less on par. A year ago, there were 7,229 electric cars. So in April 2022, there were 22 fewer vehicles – a minus of 0.3 per cent.

Across all drive types, 9,725 new passenger cars were registered in Norway in April, a decline of 26.1 per cent – while new e-vehicle registrations remained constant. The trend is also evident in the current year: so far, a total of 15 per cent fewer passenger cars have been registered in Norway from January to April than in the same period in 2021, while the number of electric cars has increased by 28.9 per cent.

In April, the e-market share of 74.1 percent was lower than in March with 86.1 percent – but as mentioned, this is also partly due to Tesla. Adding the 982 PHEVs (market share 10.1 percent), 84.2 percent of all new registrations in April had a charging connection. Note: The vast majority of electric cars are battery electric cars – fuel cell cars are not reported separately by the Norwegian OFV.

However, the trend for PHEVs continues, albeit at a slightly slower pace in April: PHEVs were down 70.4 per cent, compared to 78 per cent in March. The share of non-rechargeable hybrids also continued to decline, specifically by 22.8 percent to 709 vehicles. The market share of pure combustion engines is still in the single digits and continues to decline.

In the model ranking, the Volvo XC40 Recharge was at the top in April. According to OFV statistics, there were 620 new registrations for the XC40, but here the (plug-in) hybrids of the series are also included. According to the Norwegian Volvo website, the XC40 is now only offered as an “elbil”, i.e. a pure electric car. However, the current new registrations are vehicles that were ordered months ago. The portal EU-EVs shows 560 new registrations for the purely electric XC40 in Norway in April – which still means the top position. This does not include the Volvo C40, which is only offered as a BEV: The C40 is shown separately with 165 new registrations.

Whether 620 or 560: Behind the XC40 come the Skoda Enyaq iV (485) and the VW ID.4 (440), two purely electric models based on MEBs. The following places also go to BEVs: the BMW iX came to 348 new registrations, the Polestar 2 to 332, the Ford Mustang Mach-E to 317 units. The Audi e-tron had to take its place just behind the Ford in the OFV statistics with 316 new registrations, whereas for “EU EVs” the figure is only 298 units. Either way, the Audi is just ahead of the Hyundai Ioniq 5 with 294 new registrations. Tesla only achieved double-digit registration figures in April: 45 Model Y cars were registered in Norway for the first time, the Model 3 is listed with 38 units for April. (models, both in Norwegian),


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