Amprius receives $3Mn from US Advanced Battery Consortium


Amprius Technologies has received a competitively bid, $3 million contract award from the United States Advanced Battery Consortium in collaboration with the Department of Energy to advance the company’s silicon nanowire battery technology.

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The contract includes a 50 per cent cost-share by Amprius Technologies. The 30-month contract began in April and will target the development of 80+Ah cells that meet or exceed all 2023 USABC LCFC EV cell characteristics, including exceptional fast charge performance and usable energy. This is Amprius Technologies’ second contract with USABC.

Also in April, Amprius announced the battery cell ‘Silatronix OS3′ with an energy density of 450 Wh/kg and 1,150 Wh/l, which is among the highest of any commercial lithium-ion cell in the world.

“Amprius’ silicon technology is designed to provide significant performance advancement,” said Dr Ionel Stefan, Chief Technology Officer at Amprius Technologies. “Specifically, applied to electric vehicles, Amprius is working to address pressing issues, like range anxiety and charging time.”

Update 18 October 2022

Following the above award, Amprius Technologies got another $1 million from the US Department of Energy to manufacture nanowire-based silicon anodes at scale. This represents the third grant from the DOE, following two previous grants that Amprius received.

The grant shall help the company develop and increase the production of its energy-dense battery cells. Today’s statement claims levels when using Amprius’ silicon nanowire anode technology of over 1,150 watt-hours (Wh)/litre and 450 Wh/kg, in line with previous news.

“We are proud to be awarded another grant from the Department of Energy’s Advanced Manufacturing Office,” said Dr Kang Sun, Chief Executive Officer of Amprius. “The continued support from the Department of Energy for Amprius further validates our pioneering technology and reinforces the need to quickly scale our high-volume production to meet demand.”

The DOE notes that the AMO-awarded projects would help to advance clean energy manufacturing in the United States, to drive economy-wide reductions in carbon emissions., (update Oct’ 22)


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