May 30, 2022 - 03:58 pm

Daimler Truck reveals first eActros LongHaul prototype

Daimler Truck has built the first prototypes of the battery-electric long-distance truck eActros LongHaul and plans to test them on public roads this year. In addition, the truck manufacturer has announced further variants of the eActros for distribution transport.

To differentiate: The eActros is a heavy-duty electric truck for distribution transport, which has been delivered since the end of February 2022. Visually, this model is hardly distinguishable from the familiar Actros with the diesel engine. Daimler Trucks gave a first preview of the eActros LongHaul with an aerodynamically optimised front in September 2020. The electric 40-tonne truck for the long-haul segment is to be ready for series production in 2024 with a range of around 500 kilometres.

The first prototypes of this model have now been built, according to Daimler Truck. These vehicles are currently undergoing initial tests and are to be tested on public roads before the end of the year. However, Daimler Truck does not publish current pictures of the new prototypes – only the rendering that has been known for almost one and a half years. So it remains to be seen whether there will be any changes to the concept presented in 2020. There are also no further details on the e-drive and battery system.

The manufacturer is also still holding back on details about the other variants of the eActros. Daimler Truck only announces that “additional variants of the eActros” are being prepared. So there will probably be further options besides the eActros 300 and eActros 400. The two variants available so far differ in terms of the battery: the 300 has three battery packs with 112 kWh gross (97 kWh net), the 400 has four. Each module provides a standard range of around 100 kilometres. Daimler Truck does not specify how the new variants will differ from the two known versions.

What is clear, however, is that the eActros has been equipped with the second generation of MirrorCam since April. This is supposed to offer improvements in display and safety, as “the perspective of the MirrorCam is now even more similar to that of the familiar glass mirror”. The second generation can be recognised by the camera arms, which are about ten centimetres shorter.

There are also two pieces of news about the eEconic: the battery-electric truck for municipal use will be exhibited for the first time at a trade fair these days at IFAT, the world’s leading trade fair for water, sewage, waste and raw materials management, in Munich. The start of series production is scheduled for July 2022, according to the press release.


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