Aug 11, 2022 - 01:57 pm

CATL & Yutong extend battery partnership until 2032

The Chinese battery manufacturer CATL and the Chinese commercial vehicle manufacturer Yutong have extended their partnership, which has existed since 2012, for another ten years. In the future, CATL batteries will not only be installed in Yutong electric buses.

To date, CATL has supplied Yutong with batteries with a total capacity of 19 GWh, which are used in almost 150,000 of the manufacturer’s e-buses, as CATL writes in a statement quoted by Chinese media. This would correspond to an average of 126 kWh per vehicle.

As part of the extension of their cooperation, both companies also want to work together in the future on trucks, construction machinery and other commercial vehicles, jointly develop new materials and technologies and develop technical standards for commercial vehicle batteries. On the latter point, there are no further details beyond this one sentence.

CATL and Yutong are not only targeting the Chinese domestic market, but also overseas markets “to jointly increase their presence in the international market with their vehicles and batteries”. Concrete countries are not named, however. So far, Yutong’s buses equipped with CATL batteries have been sold in more than 40 countries and regions, including France, Great Britain and Spain. But Yutong is also relying on CATL batteries for the large electric bus order from Qatar.


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